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The Importance of Business Headshots and Branding Photos - Denver Headshots

Updated: May 21

As a small business owner, I know just how competitive things have become! 

The old idea 'if you build it, they will come' is no longer enough. I've been chatting with some of my colleagues and contacts, fellow small business owners, and hear these same things over and over. 

Real Estate agents are finding that competition for listings is fierce, even in hot markets full of potential sales.

Creatives are finding that their 'dream job' is so much more than designing websites while wearing PJ's at home. 

Independent boutiques are finding that it's not enough to simply open a storefront, they also must find a way to connect with their community in an authentic and unique way. 

I get it. As a wedding & portrait photographer, I've been through all of this myself. Hey, us small business owners have to stick together!

Today, we're talking about setting your work apart, and the importance of presenting yourself both personably and professionally as the face of your business. 

Denver Business Headshots & Branding

Believe it or not, one of the most important pieces of the decision making process for potential clients is finding a personal connection with the person they want to hire. 

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is hiding behind the computer, hoping that a list of accomplishments, a fancy website, and cash sunk into marketing may set them apart. 

Here is a quick tip for you: nearly every one of your solid competitors is doing the same thing. 

Of course these things are all important. The question, however, is how are you as the hard-working, hustling business owner or professional going to truly stand out? 

It's about creating an immediate personal connection with potential clients, and that's where I come in. 

Personalized Lifestyle Business Headshots & Branding

A lifestyle headshots portrait session is meant to help showcase you and your unique talent, personality, and gifts with the world.

There is a reason that Instagram generates more engagement from users than any other social platform; images speak louder than words. 

They also speak much faster than words; good images are impactful, tell a story, and highlight your best features. 

One of the best things you can do for potential clients is to show them who you are and give them (quite literally) a picture of what they can expect if they were to meet you in a coffee shop, having never met before. 

Are you fun and bubbly? Serious and stoic? Do you love to be surrounded by bright, bold colors, or do you tend to thrive in a calm and neutral space?  Is your business focused on a particular product, service, or belief? 

I know you may be hesitant about stepping in front of the camera (I promise, it's actually REALLY really fun), so keep this in mind: a mediocre or poorly done headshot can actually be costing you business, leads, and professional relationships with others. 

I have worked with designers, fitness experts, real-estate agents, creatives, consultants, and spiritual mediums to create unique and eye catching images that are perfect for social media, websites, and printed materials. 

When working together on your lifestyle branding session, I want to know about your business, your ideas, and your plans. I will thoughtfully use backdrops, lighting, and props to showcase YOU as the face of your unique business! 

​Professionals who share more of themselves on social media and their website remove the 'man behind the curtain' feel to the business. It's a move that helps build trust with potential clients and helps to create a personal connection that will make the entire process more fulfilling for everybody involved. 

The images that result from your professional lifestyle branding headshot session make great features for Instagram, are perfect for business cards and marketing materials, and will really give your website the professional edge you are looking for. 

In addition to making sure that your images truly speak to who you are and show an authentic version of you as the face of your business, I'm going to help you with all of the 'scary' stuff too:

  • Advice for camera-friendly attire

  • Fun ways to pose and relax in front of the camera

  • Personal recommendations for hair and makeup artists, if you desire

  • Location ideas (if you don't already have something in mind)

I am available for traditional formal professional headshots as well as up-close beauty and personality type portraits, if lifestyle headshots aren't what you are looking for. Some business owners may find they need a little of each, but the ultimate goal is the same:

Highlight YOU as the face of your business, in a way that will drive potential clients to connect with and trust you! 

Ready to get started? Click below to get in touch and schedule your session. I am available for lifestyle, branding, and headshot portrait sessions in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas. 

My name is Sunshine. I am a professional portrait photographer here in sunny, beautiful Colorado.

I believe that no wardrobe is complete without a pair of Chucks and bold hair color. I also believe that life is too take the risk, go on an adventure, eat dessert and travel as much as you possibly can! 

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