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Sara M | Cherry Creek High School Senior | Hudson Gardens at Sunset

Updated: Jun 10

One of our favorite location choices to photograph seniors is at Hudson Gardens in Littleton. This spot is known for beautiful landscapes and gardens set alongside the Platte River.  In the spring and summer there are lots of blooming flowers, green grass and lily ponds. 

When I initially spoke with Sara and her mom about the time frame for her session we decided on June because it's usually not as hot as July and August...boy were we wrong! Last June ended up being one of the hottest on record and almost everyday was mid to high 90's! It may have been hot, but we certainly didn't let that get in our way! 

Getting to know Sara and work with her was an absolute breeze! Her smile and overall vibe is contagious and we had so much fun! When you add in her awesome wardrobe choices, the bouquets she brought and her violin...we couldn't go wrong. I loved capturing all sides of her personality in her photos.

Sara chose this location and it fit her style perfectly. Her friends have labeled her style as “preppy old lady chic.”

Keep scrolling to learn more about Sara and see some of our favorite photos from her session.

What is your personal style?

Lots of florals and pastels, mom jeans, cute skirts and tops, pretty dresses, etc. Most of my stuff is from Target, haha.

(There is nothing wrong with that!)

What's something your friends/people may not know about you?

I can juggle.

Which is so cool! 

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

​Anything crafty! I play violin, crochet, scrapbook, draw, etc

What type of music do you like?

​Pretty much anything except rap and country.

What is your favorite snack?

​Apple sauce or anything with Nutella

The evening light was a photographer's dream! The next few pictures are great examples of that golden hour, soft light that I love.  

What are some of your favorite Bands/ Singers?

​Taylor Swift is definitely one of my favorites, but I listen to a LOT of different artists.

Your all time favorite movie is?

That’s such a good question. I would have to say my favorites are Legally Blonde, On the Basis of Sex and anything Disney.

​Her pink dress and silver shoes gave total Legally Blonde vibes!

Are you involved in any school clubs or sports?

Chamber Orchestra (highest orchestra at Cherry Creek) and theatre.

We encourage all our seniors who play an instrument to bring it to their session and we’ll incorporate it into the photos.  We love showing off who you are and what you love! I could have listened to Sara play her violin all day. 

What is your favorite book and/or tv shows?

Gilmore Girls, New Girl, Friend’s, Grey’s Anatomy,  The Good Place, etc.

This is probably another reason I got along with Sara so well....we love the same shows! My top two are definitely Friend's and Gilmore Girls!

What is your best High School Memory?

​All of the shows that I’ve done at Creek and also decorating my basement with my best friends.

We dubbed the next picture her “Movie Trailer Poster”.

What are your future plans/goals?

Go to college and either become a stage manager, event planner, or lawyer. 

A BIG Congratulations are in order because she's headed off to New York University in the fall! 

We would love to help make your senior portrait experience memorable. For more information about booking your own senior session CLICK HERE

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