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I have known Katie for years. Typically we work together on her branding and headshot photos for her social me

dia posts, blogging and website.  We always have SO MUCH FUN!!! We laugh and catch up and it usually ends with us grabbing lunch in downtown Littleton. I really enjoy our when I approached her about this new line of portraits I wanted to launch she immediately jumped on board and we started brainstorming ideas right away! She wanted something bad ass, empowering and fierce.  Which is so far from our normal sessions, but I knew we could do it. 

The day of the session we started at my studio with hair and make-up. We decided to do the entire session inside the studio based on her inspiration board and the ideas I presented to her. She brought two outfits that totally fit the theme and we spent the afternoon shooting, laughing and attempting to keep straight faces

Here's a little more about Katie....

Who is the everyday you? Happily engaged to  the man of my dreams. Proud animal Mom of 2 dogs, Vinny and Theo and Greg, the cat. Professionally, sales and communication strategist for entrepreneurs. Side hustle, DJ! 

What inspired the theme/style of your This Is Me session? BADASSERY! Rock and roll, channeling my favorite musician, Prince. Sexy and fierce! 

Why was this important to you? Why did you do a "This Is Me Project"portrait session? 

I am always "on" as bubbly and outgoing, constantly laughing and smiling. I wanted to show the sexy, sassy vibe that is also within me. I wanted to see what fuels me from the inside, reflected on the outside! 

What was your favorite part of the whole process?

Um... favorite PART? The WHOLE THING. From the make-up and hair, choosing my outfits and having the session that was truly just for me! 

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