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Grace - Heritage High School - Littleton Senior Photographer

I am excited to finally write about Grace's senior session! Since her photo shoot at Mount Falcon last summer she has modeled at several of my workshops and classes and become one of my summer assistants. We have been having so much fun this year! Grace has recently graduated from Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado. She's taking a gap year to travel and has plans to go to some amazing places! I can't wait to hear all about her travels when she returns. 

Her senior pictures have been some of my favorite's! I loved her wardrobe choices and was thrilled when she chose a mountain location...both matched her happy, carefree spirit! 

Anytime I do a quick "light test" shot I will yell LIGHT TEST and most seniors make the funniest faces. Grace took this to the next level and made a new face and struck a new pose every single time! I had to include them in her final photos! We all laughed so much every time one popped up in her slideshow! 

We LOVE including parents in a few photos! Mom had to head to work so we snapped a few pics before she headed out. Aren't these great?!

I asked Grace a few questions. Keep scrolling to learn more about her...

What type of music do you like? What are some of your favorite Bands / Singers?

I like quite a variety of music. From calm, chill vibes like Noah Kahan to more upbeat and popular music similar to Louis the Child and Odesza. I also quite enjoy classic rock as in Pink Floyd and Tom Petty

What is your favorite book and/or tv shows?

My favorite book is (chessily) the Great Gatsby. The last few lines of the book never fail to touch my soul in a way few other words can. My favorite TV show would probably be White Collar - a unique and charming spin on a crime show. I also enjoy the Joy of Painting - Bob Ross is a true icon.

What is your favorite snack?

I don’t know if coffee is a snack... but coffee.

Your all time favorite movie is?

The Way Way Back! It’s an indie movie about an underdog that’s just so soul touching. A for sure runner up is Cool Runnings - never fails to make me laugh.

What is your personal style?

Honestly, I love wearing strange stuff that catches the eye. Sometimes I’m more “boho” and sometimes I’m “edgy” and sometimes i’m just straight up odd

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Anything that will take me away from my computer. between traveling, hiking, going places with friends or family, I’m pretty much up for anything

What is your dream vacation?

My planned gap year actually! I’m planning on going to Bali and volunteering in a small fishing village on the island.

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