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Dillon - Chatfield High School - Littleton Colorado Senior Photographer

When Dillon's mom reached out to me for his senior pictures I was super excited! I met him and his mom a few years ago while photographing a wedding. He was so fun to work with at that time so I couldn't wait to meet up with them again and catch up. Dillon is into fashion and loves shoes so I knew he'd bring some great wardrobe choices. He did not disappoint! He even had Nike shoes that he could switch out the swoosh to match his clothes! How cool is that?! 

We did a 2 location photo session and he wanted all urban. We went to the Santa Fe Arts District for a grungy, graffiti vibe. Then head to downtown Littleton for a completely different urban feel. We found some great new photo spots, talked about his high school life and what he wants to do in the future. That's always my favorite part of senior sessions! 

Check out some of our favorites from Dillon's session and get to know him a little more...

What type of music do you like? What are some of your favorite Bands / Singers?

I love rap, r&b and some indie/punk rock. My favorite singers / artists are Billie Eillish, Tyler the Creator and The Growlers

What is your favorite tv show?

I love peaky blinders

Your all time favorite movie is?

Boyz n The Hood

What is your personal style?

A little bit of everything. I love dressing up in button ups and Chelsea boots. But I also love to dress whatever the latest fashion trend might be. I've been told that I have a very unique sense of style. I will always over dress for an occasion. Also, I love shoes and believe that an outfit is not complete without the right pair of shoes.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Working out at the gym, hanging out with friends, going out to dinner, hanging out by myself and relaxing.

What is your dream vacation?

To go to Paris during fashion week.

What is your best High School Memory?

There's too many good memories to just pick one.

What are your future plans/goals?

Id like to get a business degree, live a good, comfortable life and never have to worry about anything. I also want a life full of happiness.

I think that's a pretty great plan!

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